We asked people a simple question:

What do you hate about payments today?

Merchants told us
Commissions 💸
Hiding my grumpy face from customers who pay with card instead of cash.
Loyalty Blockages 🎁
Extreme commission fees really discourage me from offering special deals to frequent customers that I’d like to keep close.
Banks 🏦
Preserving colossal banking systems by always giving without ever taking anything back.
Marketplaces 🚚
Delivering orders through mass marketplaces at the cost of high commissions cutting off my business profit.
Transfer Times ⏳
Waiting for my daily business earnings to be available for use in my bank account.
Card Rejections ❌
Card rejections, usually followed by customers’ disappointment and sometimes drop-out.
Refunds 🪀
The refund hassle. By far the biggest pain in the neck for my business.
No Transparency 🔍
Struggling to figure out banks’ charges through complicated pricings, hidden fees and contracts’ small print.
Consumers told us
Cards 💳
Cards. Carrying, replacing, and saving them, constantly worrying not to leave them at home.
Privacy Policies 👁
My personal information being shared with a bunch of third-party companies.
Environmental Impact 🌳
The waste of paper, plastic and energy every time I’m making a payment.
Verification Times ⏳
Filling in card details, getting notifications and verifying. Paying online takes too long.
Online Frauds 🔓
Entering my card details in check-out forms while stressing about my card’s safety right after confirming my payment.
Interfaces 🕸
Typing PINs on oldschool POS devices or filling my details in outdated and quite possibly insecure web forms.
Split Bills ➗
The time it takes me and my friends to decide who’s paying what to whom and how.
Lack of Profit 🎁
Someone would expect more benefits from being a frequent customer in specific stores.

It became apparent that we needed

Α better money experience

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